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I have had better luck with Kohler. I have had 6 Kohlers and 10 Kawasakis over the years. I had one 23hp Kohler go 4900 hours. Most of my Kaws have been awesome until this last year. Had a 23 Kaw go out with only 1400 hrs. Unacceptable in my opinion with the great maintenance they receive. Also, I have a 24 Kawasaki that has backfired since day one every time I take it from full throttle to idle. Every time. It now has 1300 hours on it. While it was under warranty they wouldn't do a thing about it. Kawasaki warranties suck. I think it has to do with a little luck and what exact model motor you buy as to what is the most reliable.

2 of my 3 newer Kawasakis burn oil too! Since they were brand new... I think all these engines are getting worse and worse just like everything else in this world. Hard to find pure quality like you used to in anything.

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