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Originally Posted by kennc38 View Post
No offense Smalls, but once again the question, point or whatever else you were trying to make was not "succinct" and was not about "soil texture", but about "soil structure". If you want a simple, straightforward discussion on a topic, then I would suggest presenting the question and/or material in the same manner. I quote your "succinct" introduction before anybody else even commented...Again, not a "succinct" question. You opened yourself up to opinion and not factual evidence.
I didn't have any questions about the article, but I found it informative and easy to understand so I knew it would be useful as information... Mr. 'A' posted 3 more 'urls' and didn't even put out relevant inserts that might be interesting... Mr. 'B' come in with snotty comments in every sentence becuz soil structure and even texture in this article doesn't apply to lawns becuz it was written by agri-science...
I didn't really expect any commentary for the post but rather put it out there so that LCOs could understand that physically handling and observing the soil, IS a useful thing to do... a diagnostic tool that would elevate conversation beyond the meaningless chatter of the past couple of days... I find that those who mock really can't grasp the full meaning of what is being presented and rather than have discussion that might help them understand they go off on personal attacks...
If you want to join forces with the mockers to attack me, don't waste your time,becuz the information I presented is the brainchild of a university, so go mock them... you're not interested and you believe that ALL lawn problems have NOTHING to do with soil texture or structure, then you go along at that level, but don't bother mocking me or information about soils... BTW the article also defined soil texture, just to be sure that everyone was on the same page... why did you miss that???
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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