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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I didn't have any questions about the article, but I found it informative and easy to understand so I knew it would be useful as information... If you want to join forces with the mockers to attack me, don't waste your time,becuz the information I presented is the brainchild of a university, so go mock them...
First, you did post an open-ended question on your last post as shown below (see below), which probably explains why you received the posts you did and why everyone went in so many different directions.

Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
[b][color="darkredI'm not talking down to anyone,,, just curious if soil structure matters to anyone one this forum...
WHY? ...or... WHY NOT???
Second, I am not mocking you. I simply poined to the fact that your initial post(s) were not succinct as you suggested and that whatever point you were trying to make was not exactly clear. Again, no offense, but you still haven't figured out how to effectively communicate your questions, your points, or whatever else you try to make on this forum and I have politely tried to communicate this to you in the past.

Third, I never commented on the technical content of the university studies or on your opinions on the topic(s), so please don't throw me into the group of people that are supposedly "mocking you".
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