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I agree with Riggle . My programs focus on plant health first. They key with organic approaches is a insane amount of monitoring to catch pests before a threshold of damage is reached. When you exceed these damage thresholds, organic products become less effective, I the will have to give customers the option for a rescue treatment.

I basically monitor like crazy and treat with low tox products like azasol,bt,Spinosad,essentria ic3,etc. When these pest are beyond control of these products, I may have to use something heavier as a last resort.

Problems I face is , customers paying to have me on property twice a month to scout. Most people wont pay for this normally, and just call when a problem arises.

Also I realize a azaela will survive almost any lacebug attack. It will look rough and have stippling and full of finkle spot. The customer will freak and blame me for the issue. Need to inform customers a level of decline or damage is part of having a landscape.

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