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Originally Posted by CLS_Birmingham View Post
Who do you use for collections?? I have several clients that are headed that direction.

As for the net 15/30, we use net 15 thought clients do have late fees built into their contracts. I generally don't ever charge late fees, but if I feel its warranted then I will. We also use the 3 formal letter method for collections. Most people will atleast call you after 1 or 2 letters and make arrangements. Its almost always easier to work with a client than to lose a client.
I've found that it's easier for me to not be the bad guy, I pissed off a late paying customer and ended up losing them, I just don't have patience for people that don't pay their bills, so I fired myself from the collections dept LOL! PM me and I will let you know who I use, it's a very good professional system that works, I've already settled two out of three no pays I had last year using them, the third one will probably end up in court.
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