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Is there such a thing as a Kubota BX2000?

I don't yet have a tractor, but I saw one advertised recently. The ad says it's a Kubota BX2000 with a 22 HP engine and FEL for $6000. When I asked for more detail, the owner responded saying it's a 2004 with 1600 hours. I then looked on the web for some more information about that particular machine but couldn't find any. In fact, one Kubota reference that provides a list of all BX tractors up to 2006 doesn't even show a BX2000.
It's about 75 miles from me to go look at it and I haven't driven over there yet, but I suspect it might really be a BX2200.

So I have three questions and hope someone more knowledgeable than me will provide opinions. (1) Did Kubota really manufacture a BX2000? (2) is this a reasonable price for that many hours? (3) What is the typical life expectancy in hours of a 22 HP Kubota engine?
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