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Originally Posted by UniqueLawn&LandscapeTN View Post
I'm going into this year with a different mindset, the last few years I just pay my helper and put the rest in my pocket and when I need something I just buy it out of my pocket....this year I "plan" to pay myself a SET amount weekly and any other I make I'm going to put into my business account to live on through winter and for business expenses. I'm really going to try and run it more like a BUSINESS instead of my side job...being as it is my FULL-TIME JOB!!
Giving yourself a "SET" amount, such as $350/week, would seem to much like a salary position no matter if you work 40hrs one week or 60hrs the next. Eventually your going to wear yourself thin I would believe. The pay per week should be a incentive type mindset, the more hours you work at it in a week the more pay you recieve (like a regauler job). Stay late make more kind of thinking

But thats my thinking on that.
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