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Stihl KM 110R Carburetor problems

I have a KM110R that starts up and Idles. Starting can be somewhat rough but after a 4-5 pulls it manages to start. After I get it warmed up and try to use it I have issues...

It doesn't rev up properly. It seems to bog unless I play with the throttle. After I get it up in RPM's it will run at full throttle for a few seconds and then started to bog down and shut off if I hold the throttle down. If i let the throttle go then it doesn't shut off and idles.

What I have done...I tuned the carb to factory settings and nothing. Cleaned the magneto and have brand new spark plug and new filter. I have even played with the tuning with all sorts of combinations and nothing seems to get better. Only worse. Fuel lines are healthy and brand new gas. Only thing I haven't done is take apart the carb or Clean the head of the engine.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advanced
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