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Once again , (stupid monkey type , as in Ric) complicates a very simple service such as landscape maintenance and turf and ornamental pest control as well as general pest control .
The difficult part( for some stupid monkeys) is customer relations , being the kind of person you enjoy having on your property , maybe in your home , not some short and silly monkey type with a personality disorder .

Sometimes , it's the ones with the personality disorders that spend too much time on the net reveling their true traits ,avoiding face to face relationships knowing that's where they fail .

Please ,I mean no disrespect to monkeys , it's not the monkeys I believe are stupid .

I have always enjoyed Ric's post laden with years of experience and I hope he continues so we can all benefit with what to do , but how not to act .

Thanks Ric

Originally Posted by Ric View Post

We have had a lot of fun over the years pimping each other. But this is one time I won't argue with you. Structural Pest Control is more about Marketing than L & O Pest control. For years I threw in Structural as a Freebee or closing tool to my Full service L&O Customer who took my gold package @ $ 1050 a year. Truth is, good L&O work sells it's self and Potential Customers chase you down the street. Structural is more about Marketing even here in Florida the Bug Capital of America.

Perimeter treatment is 95% of structural PREVENTATIVE pest control. HOWEVER WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 5% ????????. Sure New Chemisty makes a lot of Structural pest control, Child's play. But what happens when the customer brings home GERMAN ROACHES or BED BUGS and the Dog comes home FLEAS & TICKS??? No perimeter spray is going to control those pests. Now Throw in RODENT CONTROL and TERMITES and the list goes on.

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