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Originally Posted by Jaybrown View Post
Diesel more torque. Very long lasting engines and better fuel economy when hauling.
Definitely agree with the torque.... but with the myriad of issues the new diesels are having with the emissions and the CRAZY high cost of repairs (friend just had injectors done on his 6.0L PSD to the tune of $9K), it makes me second guess a diesel.

As far as the long lasting- not so sure about that one... I mean most modern gassers are going for 150K or more even heavily used, I could put a whole new engine in a gasser for $7-9K and be good for another 150K. I see a LOT of guys around here with 450 and 550's with the 6.0L's trading them in and selling after they have 50K miles on me that seems insane.. from a pure cost vs. benefit perspective.
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