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Originally Posted by rlitman View Post

Note that the units are in milligrams per liter, and that the chart is assuming pure oxygen. Atmospheric pressure is 1 bar (at sea level), but the oxygen partial pressure is just 1/5 of that, so the solubility is 1/5th the number at 1 bar.

Assuming you have a 1000 gallon freshwater pond (salt reduces the solubility), at 32F, you could have as much as 0.27 cubic feet of dissolved oxygen. At 68F that number drops to a whopping 0.17 cubic feet dissolved in that entire 1000 gallons.
Correct. Warm water will hold less Oxygen than cold water. That is not what you implied in your post.

There is more Oxygen, by volume, in cold water (when the fish don't need it) than there is in warm water (when the fish DO need it). One of nature's conundrums.
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