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Originally Posted by Davids Lawncare View Post
If only QB had Scheduling software build-in....I have been using Lawn Pro scheduling for 4 years now with QB for accounting and credit card payments. Lawn Pro is simple to use, just print out a list for each day..After reading some of these other posts it seems to be out dated. I would love a mobile app for scheduling it would be much more convenient to just upload invoices from my phone... I will be looking in to that.
Hey Davids,

Just wanted to chime in and tell you to check us out. We do everything that has been mentioned in this thread - quotes, billing, scheduling, automatic invoicing, payments, mobile, QB sync, etc. Also, as someone else mentioned we are rolling out some upgrades within the next 30 days.

The one thing we don't have that I know some do is the customer portal. However, for the difference in price we are a much better fit for 90% of the companies out there.

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