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Originally Posted by LushGreenLawn View Post
I can't be the only one having invoicing issues, I'm hoping one of you reads this and realizes I'm doing something wrong and can give me a work around. Has anyone with clients that have multiple properties run into issues? Witht he Master Property/Slave Property system they seem to have, I either have to manually go through the invoices, and print an invoice from the master property so that it shows the total amount due for all (time consuming and does not list separate addresses for each property), or print invoices for all the slave properties and send the client a separate invoice for every property. (Time consuming and a pain for the client)

When I used gopher, I hit the print button once, and it would print any customer with multiple properties on the same invoice, broken down by address. Seems so simple, I am thinking of leaving SAP for this reason, sorting through 200 invoices looking for customer with multiple properties and pulling them out and organizing by hand is adding hours to our invoice day.
Well let me see if I understand what your asking.

You want to print 1 invoice that has all properties on it. To the best my knowledge it does not do that. I have never had that need myself, but it does seem like a reasonable thing to do.

Have you tried creating separate invoices and then merging them? I'm not sure if that would work with different property address.

As for hours of sorting? I'm confused about that because sap does filtering, and you should be able to pull up all the invoices for that customer with a few clicks. Can you explain and maybe I can find a faster way.

I personally use the mailing service, or email, so I don't Handel any paper
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