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Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
got muffler off how do i clean in there
I see you already cleaned it.

Here's how I ( a highly trained professional! ) clean out the ports.

Pull the plug. A lot of times the plug will look perfect, so how can the port be clogged? He said.

Pull the muffler. Leave the carb alone/attached, no need to remove it.

Rotate the piston to BDC. Look in the port with a light.

Blow air into the cylinder thru the plug hole, the pressure will keep all the carbon scrapings out of the cyl and transfer ports. Don't go crazy with the air pressure, you could damage any reed valves, seals etc.

I use a serrated steak knife and or a small half round file, and scrape/drag the tools only on the outward pull, making sure you don't mess up the piston or gouge the plating. Important to keep the air flowing.
When done, take yer knife point and push against the ring/s ya should get a little bit of spring, if not moving at all, they might be stuck.
Check yer progress with a light.
It ain't rocket science! far.

'Course if yer house has more wheels than yer truck...
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