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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
The tines on the 30" Rider is easy to change. Just remove two bolts on the kick plate (its above where you stand). Then rotate the tines to the one that's broken, unloosen it, and re-tighten the bolt/nut, and you're good to go.

the "whine" from the hydro only happens when the tines are going too deep into the ground and you're turning at the same time. Or when you are going too deep into the ground, and its tearing up chunks of grass.

Otherwise, once you re-tighten the belts, it will run and drive better after a 5 to 10 hour break in period.

Anyone have any pictures of putting a spreader on the front of their riding aerator yet????
I have it SOMEWHAT mounted. Been screwing around all usual...and don't have it done yet.
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