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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
They are going to laugh in your face because you're expecting them to depend on you so they can support their family. When you work for yourself and you flop you only hurt yourself. When you have employees you have responsibilities and nobody in their right mind that needs the money to live on is going to depend on somebody like you. I think you showed your true attitude in that quote above. "People working for me should be kissing my ass."

You can't even come up with the money to do an ad campaign so where do you think you're going to get the money for equipment and payroll? I would really like to know where all these ideas of yours are coming from. What kind of family do you come from, what do your parents do and what do they say about your idea? If you were my kid I would tell you to go to school and major in business and economics if that's what your aspirations are. This Gordon Gekko nonsense that you have is insanity.
Wow. You say I'm the classic example of the youth today? Judging from what you would tell me if I was your kid... then I think your the classic example of a backwards and ignorant type of parents today. If you knew ANYTHING about being an entrepreneur, it's that MBAs most of the time are useless unless you want to be a manager or work your way up the corporate ladder. Please, don't talk about things you don't know. Economics? Did I say that I wanted to be a bloody wall street tycoon? Just because I know basic bloody economics doesn't mean that I'm Gordon Gekko you ignorant man. Well I guess the basic economics that I'm speaking of sounds like rocket science to you since your head is so far up your behind about thinking that young people shouldn't be entrepreneurs.

LMAO. For your information, I was very knowledgable about a certain industry that had a soon to be valuable STOCK and I made $5000 from it. Not that I'm saying I'm a stock market expert. Not at all.. just saying that I foreshadowed something that I could guarantee. That + saving up from my job has led me to have $7500 in start up money. I am taking a $2500 loan from my parents and am 100% responsible for it no matter what so don't you dare pull the "feeding off of mommy and daddy's money" crap on me. Regarding you asking me how i'm going to get money for equipment and such: It's called a working capital loan you uneducated dimwit or ASKING FOR UPFRONT PAYMENTS. My god.

Wow. When the hell did I say employees should kiss my ass? JUST BECAUSE I said that people are smart enough to feed their family rather then be ignorant jerks like yourself just because I'm young.. I guess that brings us to some random conclusion that I think that employees should kiss my ass? I understand that to have a great enterprise, one must have great employees who are fully respected and motivated. So why would I say they need to kiss my ass? Don't put words in my mouth.

You don't understand economics, you think you need an MBA to be successful in business, you think young entrepreneurs shouldn't exist and that all wealthy people should be old mindlessly frugal people, you think we should all be sole proprietors and say to hell with innovation, you hate creativity, you hate ambition... and so much more. There's no wonder your brushing your insecurities on me. What a damn shame.
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