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Originally Posted by joemower View Post
This is how we do it. I had this truck built back in 2002 by a man Kansas for you Wichita guys. It's a pretty slick operation but for the past two years we have been getting away from collecting all the time. I've even considered selling this truck for if the right offer came around... I have seen an improvement in turf quality since we switch to mulching. Even though we had a great system to handle the clipping the cost of disposing of them got way too high. You fellow Walker guys should look into some of Walkers mulching decks. I have been using them for a few years now and have been impressed. We save a lot of money by mulching, the lawns have been healthier, and the quality of cut is still there. Sure its great to use a GHS for leaves but for the rest of the year were sticking with the mulching.
How much does something like that set ya back
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