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The whole 1/2 ton and 1 ton terminology is so out dated today I have no idea why its still used. The payloads for my ram 4500s are just shy of 7000 pounds. Does that make them 3 and a half ton trucks? Now do I wish I went smaller nope the frame is so much stronger the wheels are rated for nearly 4000 pounds each X 6. I accidentally put too much rock on mine and was around 10000 pounds for a load she just smiled at me and asked if I had any more.

As for hopes for gm to make the medium truck again I think your screwed for 4 more years till Obama leaves. He took over gm made them fire their CEO and they stopped making medium trucks which is where they made their best profits and they began making Volts which lose $10,000 dollars per car even with the subsidies. The left hates trucks and the left owns GM which is the best thing that could of happened to Dodge. They really stepped up in 2008 when they jumped into the medium work truck market.
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