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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
I think all your points are valid. I sometimes see peoples body language when they open the door too.
You're looking for a model who can sell
I would look for a person who is motivated to sell and happens to be a woman or frail man(haha). But nobody can sell YOU like YOU
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That's very true. Total Turf maintenance is not rocket science though... I'm just.a.text away on Any struggles.or.questions are.pretty quickly.answered. I.hear 98% of incoming texts and.can.reply quickly. I'm totally willing to train and invest in the right person even on a part time basis....just would be a drag to train someone with what I know.then.have.them.bail.

I may have to do.all aspects solo.again.this year. Hoping my.son.isn't bored to.tears with it when.he.gets.dragged out. Time will tell....
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