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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
it looks much better. i definetly like the wordpress site! where are you having it hosted? i still have a bit of problems with godaddy and wordpress (my blog is wordpress) nice looking site though..

how has the charity work helped your business?? i noticed that on facebook.. you seem to have alot of likes on facebook. i definetly commend what you did there to help that little boy.
I am definitely excited about this new website. I switched from godaddy to blue host. Their web mail is not as user friendly as godaddy, but it works. I learned the hard way that I couldn't get where I wanted to be with their service and what they had to offer. Besides the obvious, what is the benefit of having a blog, who would access this? Current customers? How would new customers find this?

There was a little boy that had a tree branch fall on top of his head during hurricane sandy in October. This happened at his day care. He had a very slim chance of survival, however he has surpassed the odds and is making great strides of progress. There had been a few companies in our home town where this happened doing fundraisers and it struck me that I could help out as well. The funds will go to help the parents be by his side at the hospital. It is my understanding that the day cares insurance isn't responsible. I have raised over $700.00 for the family so far. When you ask how it's helped my business, I typically go and do the donation work, and I have had on a few occasions customers asking for estimates on additional services. It's a good feeling to know that I'm helping out a family in this crazy unfortunate situation. I have a 2 year old, which is the age of Tripp and also a 9 year old. I couldn't imagine being in their position. Definitely hits home for me.
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