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Originally Posted by CLS_Birmingham View Post
Dang, I'm liking those Bank of America rates. lol. Yeah I called them a few mins ago and was quoted $19.99 a month @ 2.29% + $0.20 on credit cards & $0.25 on debit cards. But yeah, I definitely plan on shopping around. Not to sound stupid, but whats the deal with krzys said he's going through bank of america but using lol obviously I haven't had a chance to do any research on merchant services yet, so any help is appreciated.
to taking credit cards
there are 3 main points/

the first is the processor.
these people actually process the card and pay you
bank of america, blue pay ect.

the second is a gateway
they let you communicate with the processor. is most commonly used.
service Auto Pilot uses as the gateway.
there are many other companies that use as the gateway. acts like a credit card terminal

the thrid is the credit card terminal
self explanatory.
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