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Can Exmark continue to compete

Alright guys, like all smart men i like to speculate about our industry's future and we all know price on equipment plays a role. With 2013 equipment on dealers floors now i see the prices keep getting higher and higher. Some more than others, some ridiculous.... I don't want this thread to turn into a brand war so lets keep it clean and but please do speak you mind.

I'd like to hear if Exmark users and Exmark brand loyalist think if Exmark can continue to complete at their new price points. I hear TT's are going for just under 10K and Lazer Z's X series for just under 13K (loaded).

Now, i see that Toro finally started to advertise Exmark on LS so please we know big brother will be watching and i don't want this thread getting deleted or shut down. I believe allot of good discussion can be had.

So now that's out of the way let get into the details.

Look, I really believe that Toro will either phase out the Exmark brand or they will have to reengineer their product to WOW the industry to justify their high prices. I've said this a dozen times on here how their core competency is in steel fabrication and their technology is in the deck. However, as many of us know Exmark decks are great for dry average growth but leave allot to be desired int he over all category and wet grass category.

I'm not hating at all, i started off with a Lazer Z HP and felt it was only average, but with mower mfgr's like Snapper Pro, Bobcat, Badboy, Encore i'm looking at those after i look at Ferris, Scag, Deere, Husky 1st and maybe Exmark comes in # 8 or 9 on the list. I just think they have totally lost their competitive edge.

Why, because they over priced compared to the competition and really i see better mower out there. Everyone that knows me on here knows that I think Ferris has the solution to commercial mowing with Scag a solid #2 (just my opinion). Right now i'm looking at adding a walk or a stander and i'm not even considering Exmark or Toro. I just would like to hear from other pro's if they too think they have priced themselves out of the market. Like i've said before Toro has no real reason to keep the Exmark brand alive (manufacturing & engineering tech yes.

So having said that what say you???
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