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I actually love my HOA properties, pay is great and I don't have to move the rig. But I've had similar situations over the years... Couple times I've had an appointment or something come up and I have time to mow but had to leave then was coming back to finish the trimming. No more than pulled away and my phone was ringing wanting to know why I "skipped the trimming" this week, one of the homeowners phoned the 'president' and he promptly called me. After working for them for years now things like this don't happen much. Biggest issue with HOA's is what's been pointed out already, too many people with differing opinions on how things should be done, and watering (setting the sprinkler schedule) is my number one pain in the arse thing to deal with. Some are not satisfied that the lawns look good and are green, they still want the watering set the way THEY think it needs to be. Then things go to hell and I get blamed...
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