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Originally Posted by JB1 View Post
Bottom line is people don't like to be bothered at home with people coming by trying to sell them stuff.
True. This is not a direct sales, door.knocking drill. I would only do low.key very brief.sales.door drills on a specific service. May not.even.get that far. I.could.end.up.getting so.slammed with work that would.never.happen. Part of.the reason I.really want.someone and not break.a.nail or sweat a.bit. is.beyond to ability of an even reasonably athletic young lady.

I'm going to be blunt here. I tried numerous times to get my sons mom who I'm for.the.time.being.still.legally She did help some at.the start 2008/2009 but it just doesn't work out....add list. Too hot...too't start.this....or lift this. This hurts...that hurts. Un willing to learn to drive.and.pull trailer. My 2 hours is.up....later. I back Couldn't do it now. We have a tandem kayak that 2

The really sad.part is my son much of her less Too hot, too cold, too.sweaty, I'm tired etc. Her but refuses to call her out on it.

I'm hoping to.break.the apron strings this.year and.get him to man.up.with dad a day.or.2.per.week. Sweat and.get.dirty else and break him of those habits from mama.

The jobs not.really that.hard. It pulling timber off a green or.dry mill. Just lift 50# pounds here.and.there.maybe #75 like UPS does few

Nuff of that tangent.....sorry for.the rant/vent.

Anyhow I.dread.having to.sort.through a.bunch.of applicants from a full public listings. Thought about posting a listing at the gym.with lifting requirements off 70#. 8 min mile run. ?

I thought of.maybe.hiring a.female.personal trainer....?

Don't mean to sound frustrated but I am. I actually burned a bridge or two with my to clear.the.deck for.what I'd rather do.
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