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Originally Posted by Jimslawncareservice View Post
I got a quote for 2 left over vantages for 7100 each. They have over 2 dozen. 2013 are a little higher they say. It's about the same price as v rides and wrights/deere standers. X series exmarks deeres r series and Scag turf tigers are within 500 of each other. Now you get into ferris and snapper you save a ton of money especially if your not a current user.

With that said, I think too many people know the exmark name as being superior in the mowing world. More people in the residential world know toro. I myself will exmark each time over toro. I just don't care for the turbo force, plus my toro dealer sucks something awful. I think some dealers know people will buy exmark no matter what and capitalize on it. Some bigger dealers do what we do. Price high on small guys or people they may not want to deal with.
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When i bought my Ferris i was able to score a deal, 2012 & 2013 models went up in price, i think they are running about 10,700 or so. Around here, Exmark is higher than 500 from it competitors plus they come complimentary with poor services dealers. Another issue to worry about at least for me. I will agree there has been an increase industry wide, just Exmarks are every year, higher and higher.
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