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Too bad my horrible dealer sells scag and exmark so I can't look at scag. And I have seen huge price increases on Deere equipment over the last few years so it's not just exmark. It's not like exmark has brought any totally new to the market. All mowers these days have the same motor and hydraulics so it's down to the seat, deck, and frame. And the only one that really matters is deck so how different can all these mowers be? I love my exmark like nobody's business, but I'm sure it would be different if I didn't get a smoking deal on it, and it was still expensive for a used model. I wish the hustler dealer didn't close down over here, they were selling brand new 66" Super Z's for a smidge over 9k out the door. Wish I bought one when I was at the dealer that one day.... Well those are my thoughts, out to plow
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