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I'm the original poster of this topic,
Let me explain myself because people tend to get off topic or think different things when they don't read the whole post. I work for a HOA company that manages a country club community. They hire us to keep the foreclosers up in the community. They are great to work for. These aren't your typical forecloses, they have been maintained since the owners left the house. The lawns are in great shape unlike most ran down foreclosers. They reason for my rant was a neighbor next to a home that we maintain called the HOA I guess because we didn't trim the shrubs fast enough. Well I have a news update!! When we were back over at the property picking up the limbs, the neighbor came out and started talking to me. Long story short, instead of being upset or mean to the lady knowing she was complaining about us, I spun it And walked her property with her and have her an estimate. Haha, she said she wants to start service in the spring and that she will be giving our name/number to others in the community that use the service she has now and said she can get them to switch to us since they aren't happy and that we do such a good job keeping up the foreclosers in their community. I really don't want to work for her considering she prob is impossible to please but I guess we will give it a try.
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