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Originally Posted by Woodman1 View Post
Hey OR, I was going to shoot you a message about that coment Tony Bass put on your video when it first popped up on youtube. I am sorry that I forgot to do that. What did you end up doing about that? (Your truck looks even more SUPER!)
Hopefully the business aspect picks up soon!
It's funny, our video had already been on YouTube for about a year. Then I got the message from Mr. Tony Bass. I had seen the SLT videos before but had no idea who TB was. All I did was change the tittle of the video from Super Lawn Truck to Super Lawn Care Truck. You know the original plan for our truck was to have that dump box behind the cab to actually dump. It's still in our plans. And when that happens I know our truck will be a lot cooler than Mr. TBs.
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