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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Interesting as always. I gotta a feeling this is going to be the mother of all bumpers. What is going on with you climate? We are now in 80 and spring is here in austin.
Ed, it's been very cold here. Surprising to us. Lots of frost this year for us. The tall fescue here actually looking like dormant bermuda. Even with fertilizers being applied. It's starting to warm up during the day noticeably. But the mornings and evening are very cold. Suppose to hit the 70s in the next week or so. But other than that we have been busy. Especially with leaves. Did one property today that finally all the leaves from all the trees there have fallen. Faint wait to actually cut some grass. Thanks for the compliment on the bumper. We are really stoked about this project. We hope it comes out really nice.
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