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I started up last year doing it part time. I got about 8 accounts just from craigslist. Pretty good advertising and its free. One problem with it is some of the people on there are looking for a deal and don't wanna pay for quality, but that's ok you just have to shrug them off. I learned a lot last year. My biggest problem was underbidding my self I would look and a yard and say, "Oh I can knock this out in about 45 min." Needless to say with a 36" walk behind actually walking 45 turned into about an hour and a half after edging and all. Doing it full time would be awesome I think but I am a long way from that in my opinion. I don't like the idea of going into a bunch of debt and just making ends meet. My advice, unless you have the clientele, is to maybe do it part time until you get the good customers that will pay your bills for you. I am blessed that I work 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. so it works out pretty good for me. But if you have the customer base to do it full time go for it.
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