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Originally Posted by Oxmow View Post
Well after two years and all the concrete work the property got sold and now CBRE manages it. They called me back to bid it and afterword told me I was almost 3times higher than the company that they hired when they took over(and currently) doing it. One of the lowball hacks here in town is doing it Waaaay too cheap.
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Let 'em.....they'll be out of business soon enough. Sounds like you'll be fine. I've run mostly solo since 2002, and may just stay this way. I am always advertising "help wanted" on my website, but only top performers will gain entrance to employment. Many say, "You'll never get that perfect diamond in the rough", but I'm okay with that because I don't really need employees that bad.
I really can't believe how someone can start with me making $30K the first year with no experience, but won't. Heck, my commission rate is 5% of GROSS SALES!!
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