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Originally Posted by seabee24 View Post
Well this crew normally brings their lunch, and they are a construction crew, so GPS wouldn't help in this case.

It just seemed odd. The crew leader is an older Mexican guy, hard worker, honest guy as much as I can tell. But he is also lacking the drive to "motivate" his crew...aka kicking them in the ass. So it's hard to say if he is taking advantage of me or not.

One idea that we had, we are hoping that our phones will have the ability to punch in/out. Thus if I pull up, see guys standing around, they should be punched out. If not there's a problem
hmmm...could you have an email a yahoo account that each employee could text an email to from their phone saying clock in, out lunch, in lunch, clock out. Could that not work as a sort of time card? Just thinking out loud off the cuff here.
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