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I like the idea a lot actually. I totally agree that I hate when people come knocking on my door to sell something. Matter of fact, I had the Mormons bothering me today. I won't even answer the door most of the time someone knocks. I guess for me as a new home owner I just naturally get in a defense mode when the door bell rings and I'm not expecting anyone. I'm not sure why that is, but it happens. "Who the **** is that" is the first thing I think. And it's highly doubtfull I'm gonna buy something from them in that case. But if it's a kid selling candy, or a female I would just naturally open the door and see what they want. I think you're on to something here. I may give this a shot, and I know the perfect candidate I think. She doesn't really have to have a wealth of knowledge about Turf Maintenance, just the main services we're trying to sell at the moment. All you're wanting her to do is just get them to call you. She has to convince them it'd be worth their while and I can upsell my services from their. Getting them to call you is the hardest part.
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