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Originally Posted by dathorpe View Post
For me, the conversation begins and ends with Exmark, Toro, or Scag. I really have no interest in Dixie Chopper, Kubota, Ferris, JD, or any others. The only other brand mower I would ever consider owning is Scag. I've always admired Scag machines. I just never had a reason to switch from what I've always used. Until this year.

It just seems Exmark's build quality is going down. I don't like plastic pulleys. And I can get Turf Tigers with Briggs 35 engines for considerably less than an Exmark. ...And the velocity deck is very appealing.
Agreed, Exmarks in my area are ridiculous, and the build quality is decreasing. BUT the prices have gone up for all machines in my area. It just happens that Scag has the best bang for the buck were I live.
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