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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
Sigh....I REALLY dont want to come off as a smart ass....

Your original post asked for an IPM program that only included injections and only 1x per year.....that is not an IPM program.

But since you seem to think we are just giving you a hard time and not answering your questions and you have all the experience you need to do an IPM program except how to ID, diagnose, treat or price....
Congrats you are a smart ass. I didn't say one per year. I said I read it can be damaging to do more than on injection per year for certain situations. This is a great site but I can't say I'm surprised to ask a question such as what is your preferred method for tree and shrub care(IPM) without being able to spray higher than 10' and the ELITIST come out of the wood work.
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