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Originally Posted by lifetree View Post
WOW, that's impressive ... I hope my Kohler's will run for 4,900 hours !! From your signature it looks like your still running that machine, a TT ... did you re-build the Kohler, or, buy a new engine ??
I bought the exact same engine to replace it. I have replaced just about everything on the mower. New hydros, new wheel motors, new spindles, a lot of belts, and tires LOL. But, heck I had a brand new mower by the time I replaced all of that so I still use it. It is more of a backup now. I put the mulch kit on it in the fall. This last year it probably only got 300-400 hours of use. But that is after being the primary mower for many years. I was very surprised it lasted that long. I ran the living crap out of that mower for many years.

I still have the original motor on the shelf. It was burning so much oil that in a typical 5-6 hour usage day I was dumping a whole quart of oil in it. It finally blew up.

The mower looks like it is only 2 years old. You would never guess it has over 6000 hours on it. I see a lot of people with a 2 year old mower with 900 hours and it looks like total crap. I can't believe how some people treat their equipment.

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