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I will continue to buy Exmark. The reason is because we only have one dealer close, and he only sells Exmark and Grasshopper. And, I think their walk behinds suit me better because they don't have pistol grips to get tangled with objects like chain link fences..

But, if another dealership was close enough, I would take a look at other walk behinds. I am going to buy another Encore 36". I feel for a 36" that is only going to get used on 20 back yards a week, I am not going to spend 6 grand on a Exmark 36". My Encore 36" has lasted me about 20 years, and was my only big mower for 2 or 3 of those 20 years. I used to run all Encore until my dealer switched to Exmark (and Encore quit making its 52 hydro walk behind also).
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