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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
AHHH HA! I thought so!
Sorry for the double post and I know this seems a bit off topic but: People like you really scare me. Not the fact that your so rude and ignorant. But the fact that you advise entrepreneurs to go to school to be successful In business and get massive amounts of debt for a useless MBA. The fact that you are going to brain wash some poor kid into thinking that you need to have a job for an entire bloody Decade until he can start a business with no experience running one and trying to be wealthy by the time hes 60. Your not an entrepreneur mate, nor have you ever researched/educated yourself about being one. Sodon't advise others how to be one.

The fact that some people like YOU are guiding my generation is just plain out scary. Limiting potential of the youth based on your own insecurities and stubborn way of thinking. Truly scary.
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