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Originally Posted by Sean Adams View Post
I always compare building a business to building a house. Could you imagine if a house builder just went at without a blueprint - without a plan. He just started digging, building, etc.... It's no different here. You need a plan - draw it up - map it out on paper, treat it as a living, breathing document that will always need changed and improved, but as long as the foundation is solid and things are where they are supposed to be, you will build it right.
Swampy: Buy into Sean Adams Lawncare Success. it is well worth the 19. per month. I started out small and had tunnel vision to begin with, It was like walking through "Swamp Mud" on a daily basis. Was not looking at the overall picture. 5 years later I am debt free "Business wise" myself, 2 employees, and sleep better at night than ever before. I have enough work to keep us busy annually and a 42% profit margin net. Oh yeah, no long treading in swamp mud, but riding the escalator!
You can shear a lamb many times, but you can skin him only once!
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