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Originally Posted by DiSantolandscaping View Post
I only have two accounts set up for mowing this spring because ive had them for three years. But i do have some small brush removal jobs lined up as well but i want more to make it so i can do this for a living. I love working out side I used to do it when i was 13 or 14 with push mower and i was making a killin, then. I had 15 lawns i mowed every week.
Get some fliers or door hangers made and get them out there. INCLUDE THE PRICING ON THE AD.

Also, if you have about 3 grand you can get a nice used walk behind and a trailer to pull it. If not, mow the first season with the 21 and save up for the better mower. Regardless of what you read here...the overwhelming majority of customers do not give a rip what kind of mower you use as long as they don't have to do the work they're golden.

14' landscape trailer
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