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Irritech....businesses don't stay in business if they don't make money...
No reason to trash the local dealer for his pricing...He has to buy parts from the OEM prices set by the OEM..
He probably paid more for the primer than you bought it for when you shopped around.
.I really get a kick out of all guys that have a trailer full of eqpt and some accounts...and think they know more about business than Donald Trump...
The fact is....the reason most people pick a career in lawn because they don't want to have to pass a drug test ..or a background check...or of course if they are mexicans...
Until you have run a bricks and mortar business...and tried to make a profit while employing more than. 10 will never comprehend the challenges and sacrifices that are a daily part of business...Until then...stay online and out of the stores...
If You Have All The Answers...Except The One You Need...You're Not Trying Hard Enough...
Do The Work
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