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Originally Posted by Jason Rose View Post
I used Startron for several months religiously and as per the instructions in ALL of my 2 stroke equipment 2 summers ago (for about 2 months total). 1. it caused no problems that I could note in anything. 2. it solved NOTHING. Frankly, regardless of the claims on the website and the bottle, I think it's just another "snake-oil" sold to lighten your wallet. Only solution I found to the problems I was having with out Ethanol laden fuel was to source fuel that was ethanol free. Problems solved!

As for the mysterious problem the OP had, well I'm rather curious as to what's found there... Seems VERY odd that startron or any other "magic stuff in a bottle" could cause a catastrophic failure in just a couple minutes. You DID use your usual 2 stroke oil mix too, right?
I would have to agree! There's no need to add anything to your 2cycle mix! Just use good, name branded oil, is all. Read the label! Most, if not all, of the good oil already contains fuel stabilizers and additives.
And I ain't talkin about that high dollar stihl stuff, just read the label.

To the Chile, sounds like ya thinned out the mix and cooked the piston.
It ain't rocket science! far.

'Course if yer house has more wheels than yer truck...


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