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Originally Posted by KLC LAWN View Post
I use Jobber... have since May... the customer support is outstanding and they have a great up and coming piece. The only big lack for me is expense/profit loss recording and reporting which they just launched the first part of... at this stage it is NOT an all in one solution however its getting better day by day and they are very receptive to feedback. Just me alone I think we have had over 100 conversations. At first I used quickbooks along side..... then eliminated it and used just quicken simply for reporting. I am confident in the near future they will fill my needs 100%. I hope they evolve the expense entry and reporting quickly for the start of the season or I will have to do a mash up again of software. There is a very very small learning curve that once you understand and practice the work flow its outstanding software. I have used desktop.. ipad.. iphone... android tablet and now do 90% right from my phablet (note 2) there is no functionality loss when using it in desktop mode in a browser from any device other than a simple drag and drop function in the calendar that can only be done on desktop.. you can just manually change the date and achieve the same. Anyone who has any questions feel free to pm me as I hope their continued development and success.
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I didn't see an easy way to postpone jobs due to a holiday or rain day.
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