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Jobber, i've seen you around here the last two years or so, maybe not even that long, i'm finally going to look into first question is, how long has the software been available?

and about the software...the biggest pain in my ass when it comes to paperwork is letting the crews know what accounts need to be done AND getting them recorded as they are completed IN THE FIELD...secondly, having them be able to "clock in" and "clock out" per job just like someone said earlier with the START and STOP button for job this available currently with your software?

i currently use gopher, and for the price it's the best software out there...but there are many flaws which comes with you pay for what you get...with gopher, you can set up your entire mowing schedule for the season, at the end of each day it asks you if "all jobs are complete"...if so, then simply hit complete, if not, you can pick and choose, or simply postpone all for a later date...after you tell the program, for example, that all jobs were completed for that day that were scheduled, it will put it in an invoice for you so you don't have to do it one by one at the end of the month...then, simply, at the end of the month click print invoices, it's that easy

do you guys offer this?
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