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Originally Posted by IRRITECH View Post
Well, it seems that the general public does think we are all thieves, but hey what are you going to do ?

Over inflated prices and labor? I don't know if its overinflated or not but we were quoted $200 to replace the carb on the above mentioned blower. Not worth it. Paid around $60 for the carb and fuel lines and did it myself. Same Dealer sold me a primer for $15.68, I bought the wrong one (black bottom) so I went to the ace nearest the house and paid $11.50. Returned the wrong part last week and was quoted the same price ($15.68) for the white bottom. The Walbro part 188-512-1 will fit the Br600 just fine and I can buy those in bulk (10) for $3.00 ea.

Maybe i'm just jewish, but all the secrecy, lack of easily available parts list, etc is frustrating.

Another example, Not too long ago I had to replace the throttle cable on an FS90/FC90 (dont remember) because it was frayed where it runs over the top of the carb. New cable comes with a protective sleeve to help prevent this problem. Obviously Stihl recognized that this was an problem and fixed it. Good for them, but why should I have to pay for that. Maybe not worth a general recall, but when the cable frays they should warranty that.

Anyway, just my opinion, and like I said, maybe I am just a cheap bastard.
You bring up some valid points. Some parts, mostly vendor parts, are ....high. Some parts, are very reasonable. I will say one thing for them, NO other manufacturer puts their product through more refinements, over the models life than Stihl. The cable issue was a product improvement. It was far from a defect. Ever think how many cycles that cables been through. Some operators are constantly moving the throttle. Some not so much. All affects product life. As for online sales, I'm all for it not being avaiable. How would you like 1000 more L/S to desend on YOUR area. All depends what side of the fence you're on
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