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I hope these post don't come back to haunt me but this entire angle of presentable professional, physically fit door hanger people, employees etc. is the only way I will grow my Co.

If they have tats they need to be tasteful. Same for piercings. No smoking ever on property or my rigs. No chew spit during working hours either. Can't really pull all this off unless a modeling standard is there with solid customer service skills.

A number of my clients are upper crust professionals. They implicitly trust me and my judgment and the care and control care of their dogs in a fenced area. They have even said they trust my judgment if and when an employee suddenly shows up.

I have never doubted for a second my plans and goals for my Co. are attainable and viable. There are several things I'm frankly not good at and am literally half speed at or worse. The daylight working hours conflict with my other biz has been squelched and now has opened the doors for this season.

Since my standards are what they are [too high] I fully realize they will mostlikey already have full time jobs+. If I can only get 2 – 4 part time candidates on deck who are cross trained in most areas who can flow and work with everybody, looking to make extra decent money and like to work outdoors etc. WE ALL WIN. The problem with this biz is the seasonal factor of it and the feast and famine aspects of it attracting the employees I’m looking for. This is why I have concluded part timers are where its at.

Once I can get enough sustained cash flow I can hire a book keeper, phone call interceptor and logistics coordinator, also someone to take over marketing ideas, web site duties and run with them and help implement them so I don’t tangled up in details while Rome burns. This is probably a better job for someone older semi retired who works from home.

I already reside at a location that has room for substantial growth with zero zoning conflicts. I may even consider purchasing the property if I can break through this bottle neck.
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