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Originally Posted by KS_Grasscutter View Post
Where is "here"?
Here. The United States of America. You know. The USA.-

I have been told by various trailer dealers and state troopers that in Kansas axle rating determines trailer gvwr.
Whoever told you that is a faulking flaming idiot.

So two 5200lb axles is 10,400lbs. Now lets assume you have an F450 with a GVWR of 16,000. You're now at 26,400lbs. And according to the flow chart you posted in another thread, that DOES require a Class A CDL.
A trailer with 2 5.2k axles could be rated for 10.4k but then that ain't a 10k trailer is it.

Now lets say where you're located, you can derate a trailer to 9900lbs. You can pull it with a truck up to 25,999 lbs (or 26,000, dont recall if the cutoff is 26k or 26,001). Your combined GVWR would be 35,900, and you would need nothing more than a standard drivers license.
No kidding.

Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes
Your argument falls flatter than a 3 day old roadkill squirrel.
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