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My first yrs we just ate on the road between sites, never stopped. Now the route is soo much tighter we usually stop for a quick break between jobs.I find when you are hitting many places in a day you don't need to break for very long.

When its hotter we break more often. Ill buy cold drinks sometimes. I buy coffee alot. And I buy breakfast once a week.Friday or sat mornings. In the spring we work long days so I often buy a pizza slice and pop for supper.

I always pay the guys from the time they get there in the morning till we back at night.

Now in the summer we sometimes land a landscape job of some sort that may take a day or two. Those days we seem to take two breaks and a half hr lunch. I guess thats because we know we are working a set amount of hours. With mowing we dont go home till the list is done. If its done too early I will start the next days list.
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