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Originally Posted by Greyst1 View Post

Is that just Kohlers or all BB's? My 30 Vanguard BB doesn't burn oil. Its only got 100 hours so do i have something to look forward too?
Like i said its not on all, but very normal on some oil consumption. This is my sixth year being a mower dealer will have sold 1000 ztr mowers here pretty quick i have seen it all. I did several tear downs on motors that burned ounce per hour with nothing found wrong with motor, i have learned to deal with it now instead of costing the cash of the tear down (most of the time customer refuses to pay for tear down when nothing found to warranty). If it doesnt to start with chances are you are good for a while until after midlife.. usually its the other way around i see it burn until after 100 hours or so then smooth out to nearly nothing. Big thing to remember is to absolutely never overfill oil reservoir, i have seen quite a few motor failures now due to over filling. Something i was never told and just recently figured out.
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