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Originally Posted by sildoc View Post
The 26 is a great mower. However it was not designed for the southern warm season grasses in mind and that is where people say it is a flop. As for bagging cool season grass and cut quality it is a great mower. If your looking for a mulching mower it is not the one you go to.
I think Toro corp looked at its overall sales and said it was just not worth while to continue to make the 26 when the timemasters first year was such a huge success and the commercial world interested in a hearty version. Just like any new product it will take time to refine but the over all fiddle factor will be negligible in the overall time savings.
They sure didn't mind trying to sell them in the south even though they didn't have southern grass in mind. Luckily I didn't buy one then and be the guinea pig, and I won't buy a 30 in either until its a proven machine.
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